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Vice President Joe Weaver

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    Joe Weaver have been in ministry with his wife Pat for most of thier lives and love to go out and minister the Gospel through music.  They are in the band called Witness 731 which goes out into communities and ministers to people inside and outside of communities. They are also involved in a quartet that has the same mission as the band.  Joe and Pat have a heart for people of all ages and loves to take the love of Jesus, not only in their community, but into the world.  Joe's desire is that no matter who he comes in contact with, Jesus love is seen through him and he can make a difference through that very same love and power of Jesus Christ that has changed him.  It is also a desire for the gospel of Jesus Christ to change lives and lead many people into salvation with his testimony of what God has done in him, for him, and what God can do for others.        

We are  so excited to have Joe as the Vice President of Freedom in the Spirit Ministries.