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New Life Services

 New Life Services is a service that is geared to help the elderly, disabled, and the widows of communities that are having a hard time. We offer to get groceries and various other services for those who cannot get to the store due to being disabled or elderly and other services.  New Life Services has already helped out families in need and continues to do so in the capacity that it can.  How much is this service?  If approved it is absolutely free!  No catches or gimmicks involved.  Our bill was paid by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ upon the cross.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ laying down our lives and taking up our cross to serve and love our  neighbors just as our father in Heaven has done for us.


With these services we try to help out with any need within our means.  If it is beyond our abilities we will let you know  


If you are interested in this service, please contact us and we would love to hear from you.