Operation Hollywood has now been initiated and we are taking the Gospel of Jesus to the streets and homes of celebrities.  There are many actors, actresses, musicians, and entertainers who firmly believe that they have sold their soul to the devil.  The devil has manipulated and lied to them long enough.  Its time they find out that there is a God who loves them and will void that contract binding them to the will of Satan. We are now opening up Operation Hollywood Initiative to reach those who have been lied to and tell them the truth of Gods love breaking that contract they made with the devil.  Its time they know that Satan is not legally in the contract making business and God is in the breaking of Satans contracting business.  

If you would like to help in Operation Hollywood Initiative it is simple.  Simply send us the name of a celebrity you want to reach for Jesus in the below comment box, go to our contact page or send us a letter to send to that celebrity on behalf of Freedom in the Spirit Ministries signed by you.  This is an awesome opportunity for you to reach your favorite celebrity for Jesus and sow into the Kingdom of Heaven.