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Executive Director Jason Weeks

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      Jason Weeks is in ministry with his wife Krystal.  He has been involved in prison ministry along with outreach to communities and has a heart to bring people to the Lord in the truth of the Gospel of Jesus.  Jason has been getting things together and starting his journey for what he was called for years ago with the help of  our Lord and Saviour. God has opened the doors for for him to become the Pastor at New Life Church in Pond Creek, Oklahoma. With God's plan, Jason loves reaching out to everyone, no matter what life has dealt them, how far away they feel or how unloved they may think they are, Jesus Christ is here with open arms to accept them into the kingdom and forgive them of past mistakes while showing them a whole new life.  Jason's vision is to do outreaches for the community, to help those in need, and to open doors for the youth to give them a positive atmosphere to grow and learn to love. 

We are excited to have Jason as the Executive Director of Freedom in the Spirit Ministries.