Freedom in the Spirit Ministries knows he importance of opening the gates of Heaven by Worship.  We believe that the Heavens open to true Worship and the King is invited to walk among his people.  The Music Ministry Team writes and composes their own music and does modern praise and worship, but also having a reminder that traditional music is not out of the question.  Arise is a Community Worship Night Event we bring to churches that is geared to bring God into the presence of his people.  When we pray we are able to go into the presence of God in the throne room of Grace, but when we Praise and Worship....We are asking God to come into our presence for him to manifest his spirit into our lives.  This event is open to all ages and we encourage you to come expecting God to do something in your life.  Bring friends and loved ones, as God is not limited to who he wants to touch.  ARISE is a free event for all ages so come on out and we hope to see you there!

Arise Lahoma 2022.png